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Tenaris S.A. is a global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes and related services, primarily for the energy industry with nearly 23,000 employees around the world. It is a majority-owned subsidiary company of the Techint Group, which has interests in steel, energy, engineering, and construction and industrial equipment.

According to AGN Veracruz on 24 December 2013, over 100 disgruntled ex-employees of Tenaris Tamsa in Veracruz stormed the facilities and were attacked with sticks, pipes, and stones by supporters of the worker's union, "Sindicato Union y Progreso", or SNUP. These workers had been dismissed by the company in 2012 for their violence after attempting to elect a new union leader, Jose Carlos Guevara Moreno, "El Profe", Pascual Lagunes Ochoa, who as of April 2016 remains as the union leader of SNUP, and often attends and speaks at public events. The ex-employees are currently in a legal battle against the company, having been denied their severance. They have also requested that it be audited by Hacienda, the tax collection branch of the government.


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Global Trainee Pool says

"Low HR follow - up."

Reporting Analyst says

"Operational work was really boring, being a number in a big corporation is not fun at all, a lot of overtime difficult to evolve in the company"


"lack of communication, planning, organization."

Current Employee - Aeronautical Engineer says

"Very poor work-life balance, frustrating tasks at the beginning, Global Trainee Program not challenging at all, bosses do not behave like you would expect."


"Still a family company, so at the end of the day it is very imprtant to know someone from the family to be able to grow."

Current Employee - Commercial Department says

"Many of the commercial Managers have a very strong "blame culture" where they refuse to take responsibility for their failings and rather look for a sacrificial lamb to lay the blame on... There is the presence of an obvious "cartel" which only favours employees who have some senior managers looking out for them and so they get growth opportunities. The every day employee who works hard to meet and possibly exceed his objectives would still be pulled down based on some flimsy reasons. There is a dominate discrimination based on age! There also a very high level of inequality in the organisation based on remuneration structure and the HR system is too secretive thereby keeping employees in the dark about a lot of things..."

Current Employee - Economic and Financial Planning Analyst says

"Extreme bureaucracy ends up killing initiative.Too much time invested in meetings with the sole purpose of informing managers and directors of previous results. Advocacy prevails in decision making. Promotion system based more on emergencies and discretionary decisions rather than on merit or career development. Salaries increases very low after two years. Rigid and politicized evaluation system. Poor work-life balance."

Current Employee - Inspector says

"Prospects don't happen unless your from South America and have been to Tenaris university! If your good at your job! Expect to do that job for life!"

Current Employee - Sales Coordinator says

"If you are not Argentinean, you will stay in your position for ages and will find unqualified people getting promoted just because of their Argentinean family names or because they are well connected to a manager....nothing to do with hard work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A finger- one management, with his own policies and vision (by convenience) . Believe in his own people (from other regions or divisions) and is not a constant one (1--3 years max), you can have an objective accomplished but your new manager can have other."

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Terrible pay, terrible work schedule, terrible management. No respect for skilled crafts men. They’ll hire anyone that don’t know what’s going on. No proper training."

Maintenance Millwright (Former Employee) says

"Even with a signed employment contract the employer decreased wages by 3 per hour. No meeting no discussion just take the lower wage too bad for you. employer lied at the interview about how much money they could pay"

SRM Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company, at least in the tooling shop, is so biased with preferential treatment given to some employees but not others. Supervisors act like they have your back then throw you under the bus first chance they get. They threaten write ups for absolutely everything. Will write up one person for something but allow others to get away with it. Fired one employee for sleeping, but woke up another and took away his chair. Fired an employee for missing work for a family emergency, but allow others to no call no show. Write up one employee for failing to finish assigned tasks, but allow another to get away with doing absolutely nothing for an entire shift. Fire one employee for using the wrong gloves, when every employee uses the same gloves for everything. Write up one employee for making their own tools, but say and do nothing when another employee does the same. Claim zero tolerance violations, but allow certain people to get away with whatever they want. Claim they are willing to work with you, but aren't. Management tries to dictate what needs to be done and what they want done but have no idea how to do the job you are doing, nor are they willing to accept and acknowledge that problems occur that prevent things from being completed in a timely matter. Constantly change the "rules" but those same "rules" don't apply to everyone equally. You are just another warm body and are constantly reminded that they have a stack of resumes and applications waiting to replace you. Morale is low, and most people complain daily of working there. Big company with plants and"

Instrument electronic electrical (Former Employee) says

"This place is awful. As soon as I find something else I'm gone. Management is terrible, they blame you for all of THEIR mistakes and want you to bust your hump for low pay. They refuse to buy tools or replace yours when they break. There is no stock on hand and when you order something it takes months because it's coming from a third world country. These people don't need a tech they try to make you a purchasing agent. Literally everyone that works with you is here on visa. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH SOME OF THE HIGHER REVIEWS The market is great right now so I will be out of the hole soon.NoneEverything"

construction safety (Former Employee) says

"Was asked to do responsibilities that were not in the job description was promised a relocation that never happened stressful from day one given very limited time for lunch no company truck no cell phone provided"

Shipping and Receiving Associate (Former Employee) says

"You never did the job you signed up for. You always did something that they should pay you for. The supervisor is disrespect and will go back and tell on everything.BenefitsThe superviosr"

Network Technician (Former Employee) says

"My experience as a contractor for 5 years was horrible. I did not receive a raise even tho it was promised. Dealt with a certain coworker who was for whatever reason protected by the management. Upper management didn’t care about the contractors only the permanent employees. Overall horrible experienceAs a permanent employee i do recommend the workplace"

Labourer (Former Employee) says

"the benefits such as great salary, medical and dental plans, an RRSP plan, seem to be very appealing at first. I was hired as a CNC operator to train other people to do the job I was hired on for. I was in the job 6 months before the company decided to lay me off under a "use and abuse" mentatlity.good medical and dental benefits, RRSP optionhorrible management who look out for themselves, shift work, rotating of shifts, only hire one specific type of culture, supervisors and lead hands are cranky"

yard technician (Former Employee) says

"Long hours , low pay, bad management/ supervisors, HR more on side of management than employee. Unsafe working conditions, Several suggestions were made to improve the quality of the work environment but were constantly ignored. Stay away!!working outdoorslong hours, unsafe working conditions, no regard for employee well being"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on as a welder and was told I would be trained to learn how to tig pipe, lmao!! They had me cutting 2x4s my first day. This is so far from welding it’s a joke. I seriously do not understand why they are making people believe you will be welding once hired. You will not! There is so little welding done at the plant there is not even a weld shop!May be a good company for managementVery little to no welding involved and YOU will not be doing it!"

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"TENARIS would be a great place to work if it were not for the management. The management is very definitely culturally biased and not in tune with the laws of the United States."

Millwright (Current Employee) says

"They have no care for apprentices they don’t teach by showing or explaining just yelling. There union is a joke and do nothing for you. They’d rather hire people from over seas then locally, have and awful way of repairing and maintaining equipment and are just a terrible company to work for. On top of that half there tradesmen aren’t red seal yet are being payed their wages.I don’t work there anymoreThere unorganized slim to non licensed tradesmen"

Operario produccion (Current Employee) says

"Mucha presión y mala predisposición de la empresa.."

MRO Buyer North America - Tenaris (Exiros) says

"It is run like a family business, Micro-Management, no opportunities to move up, salary below average, insane workload, consistently understaff, high turnover, company culture sucks, no life-work balance, a tremendous amount of work for a lite salary. If you are not Argentinian it will take you years to move up the chain. Upper management treats employees like children, no trust, drama for unnecessary things, very low morale among buyers, extremely high turnover, managers have huge Egos, a lot of bureaucracy and politics (numbers are more important than concrete results). Low respect for the American work culture. Advice to Management Stop lying and manipulating your employes, that would be a great start............. along the other 50 things you need to do to improve this place!Parking GarageWeek Management, dated corporate policies, nepotism, lies, favoritism towards Argentina Nationals."

QA Tech / Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible place to work. I was doing the work of a manager as well as being held accountable for managerial things and being paid a clerks salary.close to home"

Maintenance Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Top-heavy management, never puts American workers up for promotions, creates new management positions just to import managers from South America and Italy, everyone speaks Spanish instead of English at work so you can't pick up on what's going on, and the only way to get a promotion is to work 12 hours a day for 5 years and you'll still be tens of thousands of dollars under your market value.NothingEverything"

Technical Sales Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Very poor management in Canada. They don't care about you all they care about is saving as much money as possible. You can't goto HR when you have an issue they are just puppets for upper management who don't care about you in the slightest. I've seen them get rid of HR personal when there is a big issue. They are looking to get sued in the near future if it hasn't already happened.Can't really think of any.Very poor management in Canada. head office has no clue what's going on in canada"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Poor technical sales manager , no communication with field service, Poor social skills , HR and managers don't follow company policies and head office doesn't realize how things are being run .Can't think of anything that really stood out .Poor technical sales manager, no communication"

PIPE INSPECTOR (Former Employee) says

"People are not good and management is not worth your time. Co-workers were good but management stinks. Work was enjoyable and fun and hard but other than that my experience was bad."

CNC Operator (Former Employee) says

" Set-up, operating CNC lathe/milling machine Familiar use various precision measuring tools Have Experience operating Okuma , Mori Seiki, Mazak CNC turning machinegood benfitover time"

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